Mar 22 2011
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Thinking again about writing on your arm and bringing a notebook on stage, etc., I’m curious about your creative process, and what a day of work looks like for you. How you gather ideas, if what you present in a routine is extremely premeditated or if a lot of it is impulsive, and what you’re process is around creating work.

My process is almost a sort of a non-process. I just always have in my backpack a notebook, and then if something strikes me I jot it down. But it’s not fully written — I unfortunately suffer from a severe lack of discipline. Severe lack of discipline. And when I get onstage, unfortunately, sometimes that is mightily apparent. I know the seed of what I want to say, and I’m always hoping it’s going to find itself in the moment, onstage, and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. But my process is sort of…very freeform. I don’t have the discipline of a Mike Birbiglia, or the late George Carlin, or Slovin and Allen, where they sit down and they write and write and write until it’s finished, sort of, and they know exactly how they’re gonna say it, and they know where they’re going when they start speaking of it. And I really admire that because it would probably make things a hell of a lot easier for me onstage. But it just doesn’t happen to be the way I do it, and it never has been. I’ve been doing it for so long, I don’t think that’s gonna change. ‘Cause I started in ‘85, and it still hasn’t evolved — I’m assuming it’s too late now. So, I don’t know why I can’t force myself to be more disciplined, but it’s sort of just the way I do standup. Just kind of free — I don’t know if the word freeform is right.

(Source: Ace Hotel Interview with Janeane Garofalo)